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Political Signs


A big thank you to all Tahitian Village residents who did their “civic duty” and voted in the last election.  You might have noticed the significant increase in political signs in the neighborhood in the time leading up to the election, and hopefully you have also noticed the decrease in signs as of late.  As of today, the primary election was ten days ago and it is now time to remove some political signs.

The only political yard signs that may remain posted are those for candidates who will be in the run-off elections in May and residents who live in the city limits may post signs for City Council candidates as that election is also in May.  All other political yard signs must be removed.

The political signs for Precinct 1 County Commissioner candidates, Willie Pina and Mel Hamner, and Bastrop County Sheriff candidates, Maurice Cook and Matthew Henderson, may remain posted until 10 days after the run-off election scheduled for May 24, 2016.  All other candidate signs for Precinct 1 County Commissioner, Bastrop County Sheriff, or Presidential elections must be removed by the end of today.

If you would like more information about posting political signs, please refer to Texas Property Code Section 202.009: Regulation and Display of Political Signs.