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2018 Annual Meeting


The Annual Meeting of the Tahitian Village Property Owners Association has been scheduled for February 3, 2018.  In addition to annual reports and speakers, Tahitian Village also will need to hold elections for the positions on both the POA Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee.  Terms will expire for places one, two and four on the POA Board of Directors and two of the positions on the ACC will expire. 

Directors serve for two years on the POA.  The POA Board meets once a month on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. and at the Annual Meeting of the property owners.  There are events throughout the year which may require your attendance but usually no more than two and many events that you will have the opportunity to attend voluntarily.

Architectural Control Committee members serve for three years.   The Committee meets once monthly on the first Monday at 5:30 p.m.  Committee members may be asked to attend additional meetings to work on Building Guideline revisions.  Some Committee members voluntarily tour the construction sites weekly with the Association Manager and all Committee members must occasionally be available to review applications in the Manager’s office.

If you are interested in serving your community, the deadline for candidate registration is December 12th. All candidates will be vetted by the Election Committee. Candidates must be Members in Good Standing, as described in Article Five of the Certificate of Formation (formerly known as Articles of Incorporation) and all candidates must be property owners in Tahitian Village. All candidates must be vetted even if no election is needed. An election is not required if the number of candidates is equal to the number of vacant positions.
Candidates must provide the following information by the registration deadline:
1.            A completed Candidate Member Profile
2.            Proof of Ownership in Tahitian Village (a copy of your property deed)
3.            A brief biography
4.            A completed Petition for Support
5.            Texas DPS Criminal History Record (can be obtained at:
Please contact the office to acquire the Candidate Member Profile and Petition for Support documents.