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Prospective Buyers

thinking of purchasing property in Tahitian Village?

here are some important considerations and tips:

            Are you considering purchasing property in Tahitian Village? If you are considering purchasing property through an internet seller or agent but do not plan to visit and inspect the property before buying, please consider the following before buying:

Landscape and Terrain

Tahitian Village is a large, hilly subdivision. Some of the hills are very steep.  When the subdivision was platted, the developer simply made an overlay of lot boundaries and streets, in some cases without regard to the actual topography of the land. As a result, some of the lots that appear on the subdivision’s plat cannot be built upon, either because they are too steep or because it would be far too expensive to get utilities such as water and electricity to them. Unfortunately, some internet marketers of the lots either fail to disclose the true facts about these lots, or worse, actually misrepresent the condition or value of the lots. Tahitian Village requested the assistance of the Texas Real Estate Commission but to no avail. The best advice we can give is please do not buy any lots in Tahitian Village over the internet without inspecting the property before you buy.

Transfer Fees

Whenever a lot is sold or ownership of a lot is transferred to another party, Tahitian Village charges a “transfer fee” in order to cover the cost of certain services that must be provided, including a review of ownership records and the creation of new records to reflect the change in ownership. In addition, frequently, correspondence must be prepared to communicate to title companies and others information about the property, including whether there are any unpaid fees or charges.  And, it is not unusual for purchasers or sellers or their agents to request copies of subdivision documents such as the deed restrictions and building guidelines. In order to cover these expenses, the Tahitian Village Property Owners’ Association charges a $100.00 transfer fee each time a lot sells, or ownership is transferred, in the subdivision. If a “Resale Certificate” is requested, the fee charged to the buyer is $150.00 per transaction. Please keep this in mind when you are negotiating for the purchase of property in Tahitian Village. If you intend to purchase your property through a title company, the title company will generally collect these fees at closing.

The ARchitectural Control Committee

All structures (including but not limited to fences, sheds and new homes) built in Tahitian Village require a permit from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). For more information about the permitting process and the ACC go to "Building in Tahitian Village".

Tahitian Village is a unique blend of country living in an urban environment.
— Mari McDonald, Former Association Manager

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